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The visit helped change the stereotypical idea that Nissan is only for men.
Study participants were given a stereotypical characterization of a killer: interested in the occult, given to taunting neighborhood children, and wearing all black.
Our organization has a long history of defending against stereotypical and degrading references of Italian Americans," stated Richard D'Arminio, UNICO National President.
has depicted Arabs in a stereotypical fashion in itslast year Super Bowl advertisement provoking
uk/buyaphoto ref: 01374420 SHE may not fit the stereotypical image of a stunt driver but Kelly Bird could set you in a spin.
Washington, Feb 15 ( ANI ): Nicki Minaj has revealed that she finds it "boring" to be sexy and doesn't buy the stereotypical idea of attractiveness.
The group rejects the stereotypical image ElBaradei gave of the Muslim Brotherhood," they said.
The tired stereotypical Scouse jokes are standard fayre on the Island, there is awidespread anti-Liverpool culture.
VAN drivers across the UK are fighting against the stereotypical term "white van man" as the majority of them think he never existed and was just invented by the media.
And before the reader thinks she is there only to play a stereotypical female role, I would caution you to keep reading.
The characters are fairly conventional and stereotypical, but the Steve Oedekerk film is meant for the young 'uns.
at the chunky bartender with a stereotypical dye job and her crony bouncer after 86-ing us from their shithole establishment.