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Adj.1.sterilised - made infertile
infertile, sterile, unfertile - incapable of reproducing; "an infertile couple"
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Since June, over 45 cats have been sterilised in Emirates Living.
You will need two sterilised 400g jars 600g small onions or shallots 35g salt 500ml water 2 teaspoons coriander seeds 2 teaspoons mixed peppercorns 2 chillies split lengthways 2 bay leaves 650ml white wine vinegar 1 Peel the onions or shallots, whichever you're using.
With a 350-litre capacity chamber the RCS 350 laboratory autoclave is the perfect choice where tall, small and bulky items need to be sterilised since the rectangular chamber will accommodate many differing media types and sizes side-by-side in a single process.
According to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation ( SDMC) area, there about one lakh stray dogs with only half of them sterilised.
Sterilised women interviewed by Namibian Women's Health Network (NWHN) over the course of the past three years did indeed sign a consent form, but they did so under pressure from doctors, and in many situations, they had little choice but to agree to the procedure.
FIG CHUTNEY (Makes about 2kg) | Special equipment: Non-corrosive preserving pan; sterilised jars with vinegar-proof sealants | Shelf life: 1 year | 1.
A Namibian court has ruled that three HIV-positive women had been sterilised without their consent but dismissed their claim that it was because of their HIV status.
A Cape Town gynaecologist denounced by a judge as an 'an outright liar' has been ordered to pay more than R400 000 in damages and medical expenses to a patient he sterilised without her permission eight years ago.
Even the isolator, after it has been cleaned with caustic and rinsing water, and then dried, is sterilised in a dry process using evaporated [H.