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 (stĕ-roi′də-jĕn′ĭ-sĭs, stĕr′-, stîr′oi-)
Production of steroids by living organisms.

ste·roid′o·gen′ic (-jĕn′ĭk) adj.


of or pertaining to steroidogenesis
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But no other associated malformation or steroidogenic defect is detected in such children.
47] Several studies have shown that genistein can inhibit steroidogenic enzymes and steroidogenesis, induce follicular atresia, and decrease oocyte maturation.
The 3[beta]-HSD isoenzymes control crucial steroid-forming reactions and are found not only in "classical" steroidogenic tissues, namely the adrenal cortex, ovary and testis, but also in a variety of peripheral target tissues, such as the breast, skin, brain, and prostate.
P450arom is the steroidogenic enzyme responsible for the conversion of androgen to estrogen.
1 IU/mL, which was found in our previous experiments to sustain steroidogenic responsiveness and the integrity of the tissue (Hallmark et al.
In addition to well-known immunostains such as inhibin and calretinin, forkhead box protein L2 (FOXL2) and steroidogenic factor 1 (SF1) immunostains have also been recently reported to be specific and sensitive markers for sex cord and stromal tumors of the ovary.
Leydig cells increase their numbers but decline in steroidogenic function in the adult rat after neonatal hypothyroidism.
In mammals, each adrenal gland is composed by two distinct steroidogenic structures: the cortex, whose embryological origin is the mesoderm and the medulla with embryological origin from the neuroectoderm.
The theca layer is composed of vascular, neural, connective and steroidogenic tissues and divided into theca internal and external layers.
Most steps of the steroidogenic and steroid metabolic pathways described for vertebrates have been demonstrated to occur in invertebrates (Janer & Porte 2007).