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Composed of verses having the same metrical form.
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He also alternates paragraphs with stichic accumulations of lines, which contributes to the poetry's general sense that density yields explosive results.
This arrangement conforms to neither of the two mise-en-page systems developed to aid in the liturgical performance of the Psalms: neither to the older per cola et commata arrangement of the Psalms, where each element of a grammatical period is given a new line, nor to the later stichic verse arrangement, where each verse begins on a new line with a littera notabilior (43) Where these patterns divide the Psalms into a series of grammatical or metrical units suitable to chant, the Douce 320 Psalter arranges each Psalm as a distinct, self-contained unit of continuous prose.
Indeed, couplets afford the opportunity to create some of the effects of stichic poetry, that is, poetry built on the unit of the line.
I usually talk about this strategy in terms of "parallel codes": the syntactic and the stichic, respectively.
His form is comparable to that of his source text, if only by virtue of being stichic, but also significantly different.