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Noun1.stick horse - a child's plaything consisting on an imitation horse's head on one end of a stickstick horse - a child's plaything consisting on an imitation horse's head on one end of a stick
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
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Psy recently appeared on the Today show and Saturday Night Live to perform Gangnam Style while doing his choppy dance steps that vaguely recall a child riding a stick horse.
During derby time I would dress my stick horse and myself for the derby ball.
Saturday); a kids rodeo with 11 events, from a stick horse flag race to mutton busting (1 p.
The beauty of the Paddy Power meeting every year is that you can't help but stick horse after horse into your notebook for March.
Co-chairs Malora Shaw and Doug Luckett rounded up cloggers, cowpoke games and stick horse races to set the Wild West scene, and the tastebud-ticklin' spread from Morton's included Fool's Gold Chicken Fried Steak and Claim-jumping Crispy Pork Ribs.
BACK in the dirty car, upon the back window of which someone has sketched a stick horse and scribbled Overdose's stable name 'Dozi' underneath, we follow two of Ribarszki's horses out into the wide-open spaces of Dunakeszi Alag, like Newmarket Heath with hedgerows.
Picture this: For the big dance number, none of these tough guys is willing to use the Appaloosa stick horse because, as one notes in a very serious tone, ``They're not very good-natured.
There will be more than 60 food booths; children can participate in pie-eating contests or stick horse races, and there will be stock car races, a rodeo, a livestock auction and a chili cook-off.
Designed to entertain even the youngest members of the racing crowd, Kids Day activities will include stick horse racing, an inflatable "bounce house", face painting, and a coloring contest.
Features include kids stick horse races, kids foot races, and free race track orientation tours.
But maintaining cuddliness can be just as demanding, he says, explaining the rest of the cast: a forgetful Old West sheriff and his English gentleman stick horse, a trio of paper-doll sisters, a spunky semi-feminist baby, a box of singing crayons.