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intr.v. stick·han·dled, stick·han·dling, stick·han·dles
To use one's stick to control and maneuver the puck in ice hockey or the ball in lacrosse and field hockey.

stick′han′dler n.


(Hockey (Field & Ice)) ice hockey to manoeuvre (the puck) deftly
ˈstickˌhandler n
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But I am sure General Vance would rather be sharpening the bayonet rather than stickhandling with this report.
102) See Robert A Young, "Jean Chretien's Quebec Legacy: Coasting Then Stickhandling Hard" (2004) 9:1 Rev Const Stud 31 at 38-39.
The 6-foot-2, 181-pound Connolly took part in the morning skate with his teammates, stickhandling and shooting -- albeit in a contact-free environment.
Game broadcasts will use the content to provide deeper layers of storytelling and to showcase the skating, stickhandling, goal scoring and netminding skills of some of the biggest names in the NHL.
Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada.
Pierce, who has 19 goals and 13 assists so far this season, is fast, really fast, and his stickhandling sublime.
Convinced that it hadn't gone far enough to solve the problem that didn't exist, the government is currently stickhandling new legislation through Parliament to require all voters to present themselves with heads uncovered.
When it comes to ice time, the bulk of the limited sessions you are allotted should probably be focused on the second area of player development--developing the individual skills of skating, stickhandling, and shooting/passing (in terms of planning, view passing, and shooting as one skill since the mechanics are the same) and pass receiving.
Corvo scored in the fifth round of the shootout after some deft stickhandling in front of the net as the Kings rallied to beat the Ducks 3-2 in front of 18,118 at Staples Center.
She sped toward the goal, stickhandling like a pro, her skates carving the ice.
Real Turcotte has taken over 2 hours of Instructional video and has published Stickhandling Your Way To Success.
This will include drills and training methods to help hockey players with their stickhandling, passing, and shooting.