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intr.v. stick·han·dled, stick·han·dling, stick·han·dles
To use one's stick to control and maneuver the puck in ice hockey or the ball in lacrosse and field hockey.

stick′han′dler n.


(Hockey (Field & Ice)) ice hockey to manoeuvre (the puck) deftly
ˈstickˌhandler n
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The skilled players are too slow to keep up, and the fast players have trouble stickhandling and controlling the game.
This patent pending product was designed to help players increase speed, strength, stamina, core coordination, and stickhandling skills.
Stickhandling by the prime minister and the defence minister to prove Canada contributes to defence beyond its budget alone is an exercise in smoke and mirrors.
Patrick Maroon is having a career season and the winger that the Ducks traded to the Oilers at last year's deadline burned his former team with a nice stickhandling move past Hampus Lindholm to get behind the net and look for McDavid in front.
Warriors led after two sessions of play as Callum Watson fired the home side back into the lead on 36 minutes when his sharp stickhandling was just too quick for the Sting rearguard.
The market for supplementary instruction has exploded and sports entrepreneurs now offer tutelage in everything from offensive and defensive skating to tactical stickhandling to on-ice cognitive functioning and shooting.
54) Michael Robidoux, Stickhandling Through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada (Toronto, 2012), p.
See Robert A Young, "Jean Chretien's Quebec Legacy: Coasting Then Stickhandling Hard" (2004) 9:1 Rev Const Stud 31 at 38-39.
There is a serious cultural problem with the idea that stickhandling or swinging a bat or [insert athletic ability here] justifies a 'get out of jail free' card.
The 6-foot-2, 181-pound Connolly took part in the morning skate with his teammates, stickhandling and shooting -- albeit in a contact-free environment.
Sports historians and sociologists have documented this use of sport "as part of imperialist conquest" (Robidoux, Stickhandling 4); Robidoux explains that "the playing field becomes a source of instruction for the newly colonized to assume qualities and customs of the empire" (4).
Pierce, who has 19 goals and 13 assists so far this season, is fast, really fast, and his stickhandling sublime.