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n. Slang
A robbery, especially at gunpoint.

[From the expression "Stick up your hands!".]



n. Informal.
a holdup; robbery.
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Noun1.stickup - robbery at gunpointstickup - robbery at gunpoint      
robbery - larceny by threat of violence


Slang. The act or crime of taking another's property unlawfully and by force:
Slang: heist.
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There really should be a warning statement on the first page of the Stickup Artists Guidebook.
They were pretty nervous," she told The Daily Star, describing the stickup as "unprofessional.
At this point, Firth basically re-enacted the bank robbery scene, with the famous illegible stickup note.
Reportedly the police, apart from arms, also recovered the loot from the deceased robbers, they were getting away with after a stickup in the area.
However, when the young men put their plan into action on July 14, one patron at an Ocala, Florida, Internet cafe certainly challenged the "techno geek" stereotype when he thwarted their stickup.
DUBAI A young Indian tools seller lay in his blood-soaked shirt screaming for help after being shot in the chest at point-blank range in a daylight stickup gone horribly wrong in a crowded area of Dubai on Tuesday, eyewitnesses and the victim's family told XPRESS.
The three robbers were caught after a surveillance camera at the Junction City market recorded the stickup - and the suspects' getaway car.
His favourite character is gay stickup artist Omar who steals from drug pushers to give to the poor.
Penny is jumping up and down to the music and it is making her hair stickup even more than usual.
The StickUp Bulb doesn't require installation, wiring or drilling, though you can screw it in place if you want.
Coates was the kid who fled from a brawl instead of putting his dukes up when the stickup kids tried to take his new kicks.
Omar was introduced in the first season, leading a stickup crew as they attempted to rob the show's chief drug lord, Avon Barksdale.