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sticky fingers

pl.n. Informal
A tendency to steal.

stick′y-fin′gered (-fĭng′gərd) adj.




informal given to thieving
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Detectives from British Transport Police were today appealing for help tracing the sticky-fingered commuter, who struck at WH Smith at lunchtime on April 15.
STICKY-fingered toddlers cooked up a storm to celebrate National Cupcake week.
A STICKY-FINGERED woman snatched a string of bizarre items on a city centre shoplifting spree.
But, instead of fighting storm troopers, Chewy was armed with his crossbow blaster ready to defeat sticky-fingered thieves.
This is the Roller, Somerfield's new basket-cum-trolley, which proved so popular at a store in Bristol lost month that all 100 being used in a trial were stolen by sticky-fingered customers.
All the cash in the world will not help these desperate people, if the funding has to go through corrupt governments, tyrants and sticky-fingered officials, who seem hellbent on keeping their people in a state of dependency.