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tr. & intr.v. stiff·ened, stiff·en·ing, stiff·ens
To make or become stiff or stiffer.

stiff′en·er n.


1. the act or process of becoming stiff
2. a material or substance used to stiffen something
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Noun1.stiffening - the act of becoming stiff; "stiffening his shoulders, he prepared to advance"
procedure, process - a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license"; "it was a process of trial and error"
2.stiffening - the process of becoming stiff or rigid
natural action, natural process, action, activity - a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings); "the action of natural forces"; "volcanic activity"
rigor mortis - muscular stiffening that begins 2 to 4 hours after death and lasts for about 4 days
مادَّةٌ تُصَلِّب


nEinlage f


(stif) adjective
1. rigid or firm, and not easily bent, folded etc. He has walked with a stiff leg since he injured his knee; stiff cardboard.
2. moving, or moved, with difficulty, pain etc. I can't turn the key – the lock is stiff; I woke up with a stiff neck; I felt stiff the day after the climb.
3. (of a cooking mixture etc) thick, and not flowing. a stiff dough.
4. difficult to do. a stiff examination.
5. strong. a stiff breeze.
6. (of a person or his manner etc) formal and unfriendly. I received a stiff note from the bank manager.
ˈstiffly adverb
ˈstiffness noun
ˈstiffen verb
to make or become stiff(er). You can stiffen cotton with starch; He stiffened when he heard the unexpected sound.
ˈstiffening noun
material used to stiffen something. The collar has some stiffening in it.
bore/scare stiff
to bore or frighten very much.
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As every one knows, these same hogs' bristles, fins, whiskers, blinds, or whatever you please, furnish to the ladies their busks and other stiffening contrivances.
To-night these thousand slept their healthy sleep, to-morrow they, and many others with them, ourselves perhaps among them, would be stiffening in the cold; their wives would be widows, their children fatherless, and their place know them no more for ever.
Forgotten, save once, when old One Eye stopped for a moment to lick his stiffening wounds.
5 storeys, supporting structure of columns, stiffening wall slabs and flat slabs, reinforced concrete slabs and masonry in the faade area, BGF Geb.
Tension stiffening reflects the ability of concrete to carry tension between cracks, which increases the rigidity of a reinforced concrete member before the reinforcement yields.
a stiffening element disposed in the end region, wherein the stiffening element is disposed between the first and the second substrate; wherein an exposure ratio of the exposed edges of the stiffness element to the end region length is from about 0% to about 10%.
SCHINDELLEGI, Switzerland, December 2, 2015--Histide AG announced publication of a study introducing a new extracellular parameter, stress stiffening, as an important variable that governs stem cell fate.
Shelf age stiffening refers to the progressive modulus increase that is observed in elastomeric products that have been stored at room temperature or at a slightly elevated temperature.
Additionally, there were substantial benefits seen in the prevention of age-related stiffening of arteries.
Authors of this paper are working on the analytically obtained interaction between the cables and stiffening girder of cable-stayed bridge (Straupe, Paeglitis 2011).
Stiffening of connective tissue provides excellent mechanical defense.
The cables are regarded as geometrically nonlinear rods without bending rigidity, and stiffening girder--as bended linear bar.