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 (stĭg-măs′tə-rôl′, -rōl′)
A sterol, C29H48O, that is found in many plants, such as soybeans and Calabar beans, and is used in the manufacture of semisynthetic progesterone.

[New Latin (Phȳso)stigma, Calabar bean genus; see physostigmine + sterol.]


(Biochemistry) biochem a sterol obtained from Calabar beans and soya beans and used in the manufacture of progesterone. Formula: C29H47OH
[C20: from New Latin (physo)stigma genus name of the Calabar bean + sterol; see physostigmine]
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In addition, the triterpenes amyrin acetate and 3 esters of lupeol and the sterols like stigmasterol, sitosterol and campesterol can also be extracted from the leaves [34].
To this end, liposomes were formulated with herbal sterols such as [beta]-sitosterol, stigmasterol, lanesterol, and ergosterol, which have a similar structure to CH.
In order to develop a new type of insecticide, this study lays foundation for the development of stigmasterol from the Eupatorium adenophorum Sprengas nontoxic and pollution-free pesticides that can be released to the environment.
The most common phytosterols detected in aerial parts of this plant are stigmasterol, luperol and sitosterol.
2009) due to presence of several other bioactive components like sitosterol, uracil, stigmasterol, quercetin, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, procatechuric acid and isorhamnetic (Lee et al.
The TIC and GC chromatogram (Fig-1) shows the identification of thirty nine (39) compounds, nine of which including stigmasterol derivatives have <1 % abundance, were not included.
GC-MS analysis from the crude extracts yielded five compounds that were detected (Table 3), namely caffeine, theobromine, gammatocopherol, stigmasterol and beta-sitosterol.
Stigmasterol (2), (+)-epieudesmin (3), leucoseptoside A (8), martynoside (9) and campneoside II (11) were firstly isolated from the genus Eremophila in this study.
In contrast, the highest proportion in Tetraselmis suecica was campesterol (47% of total sterols) and the lowest was stigmasterol (0.
Beta-sitosterol (MOL000358) exhibits the largest number of target connections (18), followed by Stigmasterol (MOL000449) with 15 potential targets and Acacetin (MOL001689), Tryptantherin (MOL001808) and Indirubin (MOL002309) with 13 potential targets.
GC-MS analysis revealed the presence of terpenoid compounds (Phorbol, Isochiapin B, stigmasterol acetate, and [beta]-sitosterol).
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