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v. stim·u·lat·ed, stim·u·lat·ing, stim·u·lates
1. To rouse to action or increased activity; excite: a policy that stimulated people to protest; incentives to stimulate consumer spending. See Synonyms at provoke.
2. To increase temporarily the activity of (a body organ or system, for example).
3. To cause to be interested or engaged: Animals in zoos need to be stimulated to remain healthy.
4. To cause to desire to have sex; arouse sexually.
5. To excite or invigorate (a person, for example) with a stimulant.
To act or serve as a stimulant or stimulus.

[Latin stimulāre, stimulāt-, to goad on, from stimulus, goad.]

stim′u·lat′er, stim′u·la′tor n.
stim′u·lat′ing·ly adv.
stim′u·la′tion n.
stim′u·la′tive, stim′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Something that causes and encourages a given response:
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O perpetual discoverer of the antipodes, torch of the world, eye of heaven, sweet stimulator of the water-coolers
The market for spinal cord stimulators is expected to reach USD 4.
Contract notice: Framework Contract for the Supply of Neurostimulation Systems, Deep Brain Stimulators, Spinal Cord Stimulators, Vagal Nerve Stimulators, Sacral Nerve Stimulators, Intrathecal Pumps and Associated Accessories.
com)-- Global deep brain stimulators market is expected to reach USD 1.
By implanting electrical stimulators in the lower spinal cord, they are bypassing the injury site and directly activating spinal neurons that control the lower body.
In the United States, only about 3,000 epilepsy surgeries are performed annually and only about an additional 3,500 vagus nerve stimulators are placed each year.
Studies show traditional, magnetic-field bone stimulators induce stressfracture tissue to turn into bone," says Craig Westin, MD.
are also looking into adapting their deep brain and spinal cord stimulators to depression treatment, Kalorama said.
Spinal cord stimulators (SCS) are implantable medical devices that are used to treat chronic pain of neurologic origin, such as back pain.
That's what Medtronics did last October when it wrote Tennessee officials over spinal cord stimulators.
Spinal cord stimulators ( a process called neuro-augmentation ( are surgically implanted devices designed to provide relief from chronic pain.
Reports of comas and other serious injuries in people with implanted neurologic stimulators incurred during MRI procedures have spurred the Food and Drug Administration to issue a reminder about these risks.