Stinging cell

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(Zool.) Same as Lasso cell, under Lasso.

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Once discharged, each stinging cell acts as a tiny pump to deliver its content down the needle, also drawing in the active ingredient from the cream.
Stinging cells usually define the jellyfish and tentacles Ctenophora, but the Dendogramma lacks both.
For jellyfish stings, pour lots of vinegar over the area to incapacitate the stinging cells.
It is harmless though, as its stinging cells cannot penetrate human skin.
Topical lidocaine, a local anesthetic, may also inactivate the stinging cells of the jellyfish, preventing further envenomation.
Washington, Mar 5 ( ANI ): Researchers have shed light on how stinging cells of fresh water polyps called hydra allow them to react to light even in the absence of eyes.
JELLYFISH STINGS Their venom is contained in stinging cells that stick to the skin.
All that is needed is a jellyfish tentacle, dead or alive, with thousands of its stinging cells (i.
He said: "They certainly have a very nasty sting, and if anyone is unfortunate enough to be stung, the advice is to use apiece of stick to scrape away any stinging cells left by the creature, and then apply ice.
Jellyfish use these stinging cells to stun their dinner or defend against attackers.
There has been an influx of Lion's Mane jellyfish, which are up to three metres long and covered with stinging cells that can produce blisters, irritation, and muscular cramp.
Among their stinging cells are stalks with glowing, paddle-shaped ends.