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1. a smelly or malodorous person
2. (Animals) an animal that emits an offensive odour, esp a teledu
3. a stingy, mean, or despicable person


(ˈstɪŋ kərd)

a despicable person; stinker.
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They screwed their scurvy jawes and look't awry, Like hissing snakes adjudging it to die: Clapping, or hissing, is the onely meane That tries and searches out a well write Sceane, The stinkards oft will hisse without a cause, And for a baudy jeast will give applause.
For now the stinkards, in their Irefull wraths Bepelted me with Lome, with Stones, and Laths, One madly sits like bottle-Ale, and hisses, Another throws a stone, and cause he misses He yawnes and baules, and cryes Away, Away: Another cryes out Iohn begin the Play .
I coniure you (as you come of the right Goose-caps) staine not your house; but when at a new play you take up the twelue-penny roome next the stage, (because the Lords & you may seeme to be haile fellow wel met) there draw forth this booke, read alowd, laugh alowd, and play the Antickes, that all the garlike mouthd stinkards may cry out, Away with the Foole:(34)
The reference to tinkers and stinkards shows that Dekker is thinking of the public amphitheatres here.
In The Ravens Almanacke of the same year Dekker refers to the actor 'glad to play three houres for two pence to the basest stinkard in London, whose breath is stronger than Garlicke, and able to poyson all the 12.