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n. pl. stip·i·tes (stĭp′ĭ-tēz′)
1. The basal segment of the maxilla of an insect or certain other arthropods.
2. Botany A stalklike support or structure; a stipe.

[New Latin stīpes, stīpit-, from Latin, post.]


n, pl stipites (ˈstɪpɪˌtiːz)
1. (Zoology) the second maxillary segment in insects and crustaceans
2. (Zoology) the eyestalk of a crab or similar crustacean
3. (Zoology) any similar stemlike structure
[C18: from Latin; see stipe]
stipiform, stipitiform adj


(ˈstaɪ piz)

n., pl. stip•i•tes (ˈstɪp ɪˌtiz)
the stalklike basal portion of the maxilla in crustaceans and insects.
[1750–60; < Latin stīpes; see stipe]
stip′i•tate` (-ˌteɪt) adj.
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Darley initially welcomed the BHA's amendments to allow stewards more discretion and a greater degree of flexibility, but criticised restricting the document to stipes.
There was generally no difference between the cultivated and wild samples, however the stipes of G.
The body would sag down and the final nail would have been hammered through both feet and into the wood of the stipes.
crispus, Dudgeon and Johnson (1992) report evidence that high wave exposure and freezing actually lower the strength of the stipes in these algae.
The group, fronted by Michael Stipes, played three sell-out nights at Stirling Castle in 1999 and wowed 55,000 people at T in the Park in 2003.
0 mm, linear-lanceolate, orange-yellowish, marginally entire to short-ciliate; phyllopodia 5-15 mm long; fronds (22-) 30-45 cm long; stipes 1/3-1/2 the frond length; stipe scales 2-5 x 0.
The disease is rampant throughout the tree," Stipes says.
Stipe: 1-5 cm tall, about I mm thick, equal, hollow; younger stipes yellow below and bright orange above; older stipes pale yellow; all stipes with prominent hairs at the base.
Unlike raceday stewards, stipes are professionals employed by the BHA and one is sent to each meeting to assist the stewards and advise on the rules of racing.
6 cm wide, fasciculate; stipes 1/3-2/5 the frond length, with scales 3-5 mm long, dark brown to blackish, subulate, widely spreading; blade (20-) 30-45 x 2.
BHA media manager Paul Struthers said: "Monitoring happens all the time and there will be numerous races picked out from any given period of a couple of weeks that the stipes can come in and monitor.
That was the suspension and fine handed out to jockey Nicholas Mogana Selvan last week, after the local stipes decided he was guilty of riding a non-trier in a Class 3 sprint on a horse that had been "well supported" - the stipes' words - in the betting.