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stippled drawing


tr.v. stip·pled, stip·pling, stip·ples
1. To draw, engrave, or paint in dots or short strokes.
2. To apply (paint, for example) in dots or short strokes.
3. To dot, fleck, or speckle: "They crossed a field stippled with purple weeds" (Flannery O'Connor).
1. A method of drawing, engraving, or painting using dots or short strokes.
2. The effect produced by stippling.

[Dutch stippelen, frequentative of stippen, to speckle, from stip, dot, from Middle Dutch.]

stip′pler n.


n. punteado, condición de apariencia con manchas.
References in classic literature ?
Lovely it was,' went on Maud, dully conscious of failure, but stippling in like an artist the little touches which give atmosphere and verisimilitude to a story.
1) Foundation stippling brush: Liquid and cream foundations are usually applied with your fingers or with a sponge (Beauty Blender sponge is recommended).
Start by applying SPF cream and then apply a lightweight foundation using the EcoTools Stippling Brush.
For students to give their drawings a more three-dimensional look, I introduce shading techniques using stippling.
Achieve a luminous semi-matte complexion by using a water-based foundation, applied using a foundation brush in gentle stippling motions until fully blended.
A mixture of brushes can be used: flat brush for petals and leaves; hard brush for the centre to give a stippling effect; liner brush for the stems, and small round brush for veins and areas of detail.
Using photographs as templates, you can make ink drawings of the outside world (with an emphasis on the stippling technique) to take home.
Glowing skin TV presenter and singer Alesha's skin has a gorgeous glow, so start by applying some No7 Instant Radiance Foundation with a stippling brush.
It is done with a nib pen and black India ink by the stippling technique, in which patterns, shadows, and shapes are created with small dots with various intensities and sizes.
Painting trees', for example, covers patting, stippling, twitching and sponging to achieve a range of results.
Half-fill a plastic bag with rags and get a friend to apply either 50:50 diluted emulsion paint or glaze with a brush then follow behind them stippling the wet glaze/paint with the scrunched-up poly bag.