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Noun1.stipulative definition - a definition that is stipulated by someone and that is not a standard usage
definition - a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol
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And to this purpose he is therefore rather suggesting a so-called stipulative definition in the meaning ascribed to that term by the prominent member of the Vienna Circle Rudolph Carnap (cf.
Sometimes there are good reasons for a mismatch, such as in cases of stipulative definition.
2) questions whether the normative premise is a persuasive or stipulative definition.
This term (along with most of the terms used in Neppe and Close) as well as their stipulative definition, needs to be clarified.
In terms of lexicography, what has occurred is that a precising definition has been asserted as superior to the stipulative definition that gave rise to the term racism.
While their resistance to "neat categories" (which I take to mean non-overlapping categories) and "grand generalizations" is to be applauded, I can think of no reason why this resistance should have prevented them from providing a carefully delineated stipulative definition in this case.
In the absence of a stipulative definition, little would be lost, indeed much stands to be gained, if the metaphorical origin of social minds were acknowledged.
The primary difficulty lies in the absence of a rational means for deciding which stipulative definition is best; hence, stipulative definitions possess only heuristic value with no implications about validity (Robinson, 1954).
In a dialogue, a participant should generally be free to offer a stipulative definition at any point, and there are few restrictions on a stipulative definition that apply to other definitions.
The stipulative definition (see Table 1) explicitly recognises that one should pay attention only to testable (hence falsifiable) propositions of the form "if A then C" in order to build empirical generalisations (Braithwaite, 1955; Skinner, 1953).
The outcome of these interlinkages is a new process of governing-governance-which in Rhodes' stipulative definition refers to `self-organizing, interorganizational networks'.
It is by means of a stipulative definition that Kripke identifies substance or chemical composition as the essence of gold.