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1. Exciting strong feelings, as of inspiration; rousing. See Synonyms at moving.
2. Archaic Active; lively.
A slight motion or moving about: restless stirrings.

stir′ring·ly adv.
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Adv.1.stirringly - in a stirring manner; "he talked stirringly about his days during the war"
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And it is little wonder that Barbour wrote so stirringly of his hero, for he lived not many years after the events took place, and when he was a schoolboy Robert the Bruce was still reigning over Scotland.
Joaquin Correa was so advanced inside United's penalty area Rashford had scrambled back to halt him but the Sevilla winger appeared poised to test De Gea until Eric Bailly slid in stirringly to applause.
Our experience in the promotion of the welfare and the protection of the rights of Filipino migrants firmed up our commitment to stirringly advocate for the rights of all migrant workers,' Cayetano said in a statement during an official visit on Monday in Macau.
The discussion, emotional at times and often stirringly patriotic, resonated with the audience, who occasionally drowned speakers out with their applause.
All pain and discomfort (and concerns of expense) evaporate when we find our gorillas, munching on leaves, tumbling over toes, and locking our gaze with stirringly human eyes.
30am precisely, the band of the Royal Armoured Corps stirringly emerged from Albert Park to lead a procession of the 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, along the famous town centre artery, past the Cleveland Centre and into Centre Square.
The Christ-figure overtones hover ever more stirringly, and disturbingly, over the movie's final moments, and you may be forgiven if your mind drifts for a moment toward "Braveheart.
Having witnessed the death of my own father two years ago, aspects of both the violent and peaceful end, and the quiet that followed, resonated with me very stirringly.
Stageloft Repertory Theater has grown quite accustomed to that refrain over the years, and responded with courageous esprit de corps, most notably -- and stirringly -- surmounting the tragic death of Doug Ingalls to carry on with its production of "My Fair Lady.
Virtually inventing the college rock radio format, they set out from Athens, Georgia, with an intoxicating blend - stirringly original compositions and arrangements, great influential guitar riffs and allusive yet compelling lyrics.
He writes plainly about his difficult childhood and struggles with illness in his last years, but also stirringly about his radicalization at May Day demonstrations in 1968 Berlin: "it was like an electric shock that wakes everybody up [.