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n. pl. sto·as or sto·ae (stō′ē′)
An ancient Greek covered walk or colonnade, usually having columns on one side and a wall on the other.

[Greek, porch; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl stoae (ˈstəʊiː) or stoas
(Architecture) a covered walk that has a colonnade on one or both sides, esp as used in ancient Greece
[C17: from Greek]


(ˈstoʊ ə)

n., pl. sto•as, sto•ai (ˈstoʊ aɪ) sto•ae (ˈstoʊ i)
a portico, usu. detached and of considerable length, used as a promenade or meeting place in ancient Greece.
[1595–1605; < Greek stoá]


In Greek architecture, a covered colonnade or hall (often with shops) open on the colonnaded side and sometimes twostoried.
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Within the walls then view The schools of ancient sages--his who bred Great Alexander to subdue the world, Lyceum there; and painted Stoa next.
The signing of the STOA completes the privatization of SCTEx, which was finally executed following a competitive price challenge.
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Later there were Hellenistic additions to the south slope, such as the Stoa of Eumenes, which was donated by the King of Pergamon in 197-153 BC.
To the west of the street was a covered stoa that was six meters wide, and beyond it was a row of shops set inside cells whose walls were hewn out of the bedrock cliff.
ND 652 has a lax spike type with plant height similar to Grandin (78 cm), 4 cm shorter than Stoa and Amidon, and 3 cm taller than Len based on data from 14 location-years of North Dakota State Trials.
1) The circumstances of the discovery of this capital were not reported, but in light of the fact that Tilton associated the element with the North Stoa and that it is now lying within the stoa, it seems quite likely that it was found in or near that building.
Even the Castlegate shopping centre is very much like a Greek Stoa and if we were to time-warp an ancient Greek to modern-day Stockton, he would be very much at home in Castlegate.
STOA chairman Brian Emeney said people could use the phone when there were no taxis available at the station's rank.
To guide collection development, a set of thirteen topics related to art, architecture, and archaeology (AAA) were identified: house, propylaea, stadia, stoa, temples and sanctuaries, invention and refinement of architectural idiom, theaters, topography, town planning, artists and artisans, Greek athletics, daily life, and stylistic development in Greek art.
As the book's title suggests, Becker has undertaken the project of founding a Stoa redivivus, which he fulfills by demonstrating how it is possible to employ Stoic principles as a viable basis for a coherent and articulate brand-name ethical theory.