stochastic variable

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Noun1.stochastic variable - a variable quantity that is randomstochastic variable - a variable quantity that is random  
variable quantity, variable - a quantity that can assume any of a set of values
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In the GBM, variable P follows a lognormal distribution, since the percentage rate of variation of the stochastic variable (dP/P) follows a normal distribution with the mean and variance shown below:
Most of the existing works usually consider the trust values at the current time slot, and model trust as the stochastic variable.
Then, the internal vehicle model including driver's knowledge of the vehicle lateral dynamics is derived by a nonlinear 2-DOF model, and a sideslip angle perception model is proposed in the state feedback process to describe the stochastic characteristic of driver's steering behavior, which is characterized by a gauss stochastic variable, whose mean represents the real sideslip angle and variance is associated with driver's steering skills and vehicle lateral dynamics.
Typically, a white noise stochastic variable represented by the differential form of Brownian motion or Weiner process is contained in a stochastic differential equation.
The following theorem characterizes the distribution of the stochastic variable X([theta]).
Table 3 Fit statistic tests input data: stochastic variable international sorghum price Probability Chi-squared Kolmogorov-Simimov Anderson-Darling distribution statistic statistic statistic function Triangular 5.
We point out that unlike [lambda], [PSI] is in this more general approach not a stochastic variable.
When the download request follows a compound Poisson process, the number of files per download is also a stochastic variable.
Assuming that ship arrivals at the bulk terminal is Poisson distributed stochastic variable, the operations of the terminal can be presented with a homogenous Markov chain having the following matrix of transition probabilities:
My own preference would be to drop the deterministic time trends, relaxing somewhat the iron grip of Okun's law, and treat potential output as a stochastic variable.
Pouliquen (1970) argued that risk analysis is generally robust to specification error in selecting a distribution for each stochastic variable.