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Noun1.stochasticity - the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
ergodicity - an attribute of stochastic systems; generally, a system that tends in probability to a limiting form that is independent of the initial conditions
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However, less is known about the responses to changes in the variability and stochasticity of environmental parameters.
It then goes on the provide potential solutions to this problem using the brain as a model and the technology of memristors and stochasticity as a potential solution.
Conservation and viability of grassland bird populations in the Great Plains region of North America is increasingly uncertain with the prospect of more frequent events of climate extremes, higher levels of climate stochasticity, increased atmospheric C[O.
The common element in all these systems is their stochasticity, which arises from the inability to predict either the order of events or which events will occur in a given time.
The stochasticity of asset failures are included in the core engine, which is programmed in MATLAB and is connected via MLE+ to the EnergyPlus model.
Stochasticity Grapefruit Slam IPA Stone Brewing Co.
For this purpose, the SST includes a standard model, which serves to describe the stochasticity of the change in risk-bearing capital due to changes in a wide range of market risk factors such as stock prices, interest rates, credit spreads, real estate prices, and exchange rates.
The stochasticity introduced in natural mortality rates was subsequently propagated into the survival rate and expected survivorship-at-age.
Weed control decisions have to be made each year and the effects of these decisions on weed densities are subject to stochasticity.
Some techniques have been developed to account for natural variability of the data resulting from different population processes in the age or size of individuals, or from introducing stochasticity into the behavior of some variables introduced into the models for stock assessment (Hilborn & Walters 1992, Fournier et al.
In addition, the results observed in the simulations with the stochastic logistic model give significant evidences of also environmental stochasticity caused by random factors arising from the different agricultural systems (citrus varieties), which may influence ecological patterns of the insect species.
Mar 18-21 6th International Workshop on Stochasticity in Fusion Plasmas.