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Noun1.stock breeder - a person who breeds animalsstock breeder - a person who breeds animals    
stock farmer, stock raiser, stockman - farmer who breed or raises livestock
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In this case report, we present a rare case of a neck abscess caused by Brucella melitensis in a stock breeder from Thessaly.
aaOver the course of the past 3-4 months, the situation has become unbearable, especially when it comes to dairy production,aa said Stefan Petrov, a stock breeder from Ruse.
The agreement delivers a complete suite of modules including parent stock breeder production through to hatchery, broiler growing, processing and logistics operations.
A stock breeder in the northeastern province Ardahan recently commented on the issue, complaining that he will sell half of his 30 cows in order to feed the rest of them.
THOUSANDS flocked to Skipton Auction's Mart's annual Native Stock Breeder Auctions, the highlight of a hectic day at the North Yorkshire venue.
Burbury survived and got a job as a shepherd with Thomas Anstey, a successful stock breeder and dealer, who had emigrated to Van Dieman's Land in 1823.
So we will continue to publish Trillin and will only have to pay what The Tuscaloosa News and Iowa Stock Breeder will, rather than an amount in the upper two figures.
TOP STOCK Breeder Martin Whiting, left, with Lakewood Duke Arazamatazz J086, and right, John Elliot and Jimmy Minto leading Arazamatazz
Leading stock breeder Alan Barnes, from Lancashire, has forward two young ET-bred bulls from his Cowden herd.
In February, a delegation of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association led by its chairman Iryna Palamar will visit Uzbekistan.
He was a Tyneside celebrity before anyone else and agriculturalists and stock breeders wanted him to draw their animals.