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Noun1.classified stock - common stock classified as A or B where A has certain advantages (e.g., voting power) that B does not
common shares, common stock, ordinary shares - stock other than preferred stock; entitles the owner to a share of the corporation's profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections; "over 40 million Americans invest in common stocks"
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DDR Corp (NYSE:DDR) announced on Tuesday that it will pay a preferred stock class J dividend of USD0.
Zach David bagged the XCS Mini-ROK title over Khazart Romoff, William Go, Junho Kim and Joharry Suba while Juan Diego Macapagal ruled the Apex Cup Stock class over Wong Ho Pok.
Farmer Mac) said it has declared a quarterly dividend per share on each of Farmer Mac's three classes of common stock class A Voting common stock (NYSE: AGM.
In the FWD Stock class, Mannan Al Rawahi won the first place in 01:30.
At the end of the round Sakher Alsudairy, general manager of Dirab Park, awarded trophies to the top three winners in each category and the results were as follows: Stock Class -- First place Abdul Rahman Al-Aujan, second place Ziad Al Rasheed, third place Abdul Aziz Alkhamis Super Stock Class -- First place Faisal Musalam, second place Faisal Al --Amoudi, third place Yazeed Al Shuthri Open Category -- First place Majid Alshwaish, second place Othman Zain El Abidine, third Place Hassan Arini
The Dawn of Pro Stock: Drag Racing's Fastest Doorslamers 1970-79 comes from photographer Steve Reyes, who was on the scene of drag racing when it entered its Pro Stock class, and documented the legends and history of the racing series which proceeded Stock and Super Stock drag racing classes.
Two other jet-ski riders from Qatar followed Al Sharshini on to the top step of the podium, with Tamir Abu Faisal winning both Novice Runabout Stock class races and Rashid Al Manai claiming a first and a third in the Expert Runabout Stock class, which was good enough for him to take the honours.
After coming second in the Runabout Open Class on the inaugural event of the 2012/2013 season, Hassan was again in great form in the series' most recent action, where he finished third overall in the Stock Class out of a field of 11 drivers.
The Stock Class champion was Greenfield Central High School, which achieved 847.
As for Audi bank, its preferred stock class D had a minor increase of 0.
The warm temperatures didn't help the Pro Stock class.
The 25-year-old, from Llanharri, took the title in the Runabout Stock class with four wins in the six-race series this summer, all of which came in the first four meetings.