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Noun1.stock-taking - reappraisal of a situation or position or outlook
reappraisal, reassessment, revaluation, review - a new appraisal or evaluation
2.stock-taking - making an itemized list of merchandise or supplies on hand; "an inventory may be necessary to see if anything is missing"; "they held an inventory every month"
itemisation, itemization, listing - the act of making a list of items
stocktake, stock-take - an instance of stocktaking; "the auditor did not attend the stocktake or check the valuations"


(stok) noun
1. (often in plural) a store of goods in a shop, warehouse etc. Buy while stocks last!; The tools you require are in / out of stock (= available / not available).
2. a supply of something. We bought a large stock of food for the camping trip.
3. farm animals. He would like to purchase more (live) stock.
4. (often in plural) money lent to the government or to a business company at a fixed interest. government stock; He has $20,000 in stocks and shares.
5. liquid obtained by boiling meat, bones etc and used for making soup etc.
6. the handle of a whip, rifle etc.
common; usual. stock sizes of shoes.
1. to keep a supply of for sale. Does this shop stock writing-paper?
2. to supply (a shop, farm etc) with goods, animals etc. He cannot afford to stock his farm.
ˈstockist noun
a person who stocks certain goods. These boots can be obtained from your local stockist.
stocks noun plural
1. the wooden framework upon which a ship is supported when being built, repaired etc.
2. formerly a wooden frame in which a criminal was fastened as a punishment.
ˈstockbroker noun
a person who buys and sells stocks and shares for others.
stock exchange
a place where stocks and shares are bought and sold.
stock market
a stock exchange, or the dealings on that.
ˈstockpile noun
a supply of goods or materials accumulated eg by a government in case of war or other emergency.
to accumulate (a supply of this sort).
ˌstock-ˈstill adjective, adverb
motionless. He stood absolutely stock-still.
ˈstock-taking noun
a regular check of the goods in a shop, warehouse etc.
stock up
to accumulate a supply of (something). The boys were stocking up on/with chocolate and lemonade for their walk.
take stock
to form an opinion (about a situation etc). Before you decide, give yourself time to take stock (of the situation).
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After stock-taking of historical and cultural sites in the country 1,922 sites were registered, including 583 sites of national importance and 1,339 local sites.
Amy Reay, 25, from Hylton Castle, will fly to Norway in August as part of an eight-week programme with Retail Grocery Inventory Service (RGIS) to work for a range of retailers in their stock-taking departments.
A COLLEGE student has secured a Norwegian placement with a leading stock-taking company.
Stock-taking by Governments is fine but twisting the facts is a desperate act by a Prime Minister digging his own political grave.
It says that taxable persons affected by the change of the standard VAT rate must -- on the eve of the VAT increase - go through a stock-taking of their business which includes a quantitative measurement and assessment.