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1. A person who owns or raises livestock.
2. A person who is in charge of livestock or works on a stock farm.
3. A person who is employed in a stockroom or warehouse.


(ˈstɒkmən; -ˌmæn)
n, pl -men
1. (Agriculture)
a. a man engaged in the rearing or care of farm livestock, esp cattle
b. an owner of cattle or other livestock
2. (Professions) US and Canadian a man employed in a warehouse or stockroom


(ˈstɒk mən or, for 3, -ˌmæn)

n., pl. -men (-mən or, for 3, -ˌmɛn)
1. a person who raises livestock.
2. a person in charge of a stock of goods, as in a warehouse.
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Noun1.stockman - farmer who breed or raises livestockstockman - farmer who breed or raises livestock
breeder, stock breeder - a person who breeds animals
beef man, cattleman, cow man - a man who raises (or tends) cattle
farmer, granger, husbandman, sodbuster - a person who operates a farm
sheepman - a man who raises (or tends) sheep


[ˈstɒkmən] N (stockmen (pl)) (Agr) → ganadero m
References in classic literature ?
Go, then, one or other of you to the plain, tell the stockman to look me out a heifer, and come on here with it at once.
Llanrwst YFC also won the Bob Parry Cup for its stockjuding results, with club member Huw Arfon confirmed as Senior Stockman of the Year.
Stockman and his wife, Barbara, of Littleton, NH, a daughter, Betty P.
MPS was co-founded by Swansea University graduates Dr Gareth Stockman and Dr Graham Foster in 2009 with the purpose of developing and commercializing its innovative WaveSub Wave Energy Converter technology.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Insureon, the nation's leading online provider of small business insurance, today announced the winners of its Fall 2014 Small Business, Big Impact scholarship, Laura Stockman and Shannon Desmond.
Michael Stockman, 31, was jailed for six months and ordered to pay compensation of PS1,200 after being convicted of 12 counts of theft at Coleraine Magistrates Court.
Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate economist and frequent commentator on the political left, discusses the way the system is skewed to support the 1 percent over the 99 percent in his book The Price of Inequality (2012), while conservative writer and former Michigan congressman and budget director in the Reagan administration David Stockman addresses these same issues from the political right in The Great Deformation (2013).
CSC, a global leader in next-generation IT services and solutions, today named Gary Stockman chief marketing and communications officer.
Stockman said ProtonMail aims to be as user-friendly as the major commercial services, but with extra security, and with its servers located in Switzerland to make it more difficult for US law enforcement to access.
By all accounts, former Budget Director David Stockman is a curmudgeon.
Steve Stockman, whose challenge to Cornyn drew national attention because of his unusual approach to campaigning, came in a distant second to Cornyn.
Montana based Stockman Bank has stated that it will be taking over Basin State Bank, which has branches in Stanford, Lewistown and Geraldine.