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1. A wide, deep pot with two handles and a lid, typically used for preparing broth or soup.
2. A rich supply or resource.


(Cookery) chiefly Brit a pot in which stock for soup, etc, is made or kept



a pot in which stock for soup, sauces, etc., is made and kept.
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Noun1.stockpot - a pot used for preparing soup stockstockpot - a pot used for preparing soup stock
pot - metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid


[ˈstɒkˌpɒt] n (Culin) → pentola per brodo
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Individual stockpots and fry pans are more likely items to be requested on a gift registry and purchased.
Large birds like turkeys can be submerged in large stockpots.
With the recent explosion of stockpots as a store cupboard essential, Kent's Kitchen thought it was time to create some quality alternatives to the brands currently available.
Stellar's Eazistore range of saucepans, frying pans and stockpots stack and nestle inside each other like Russian dolls.
5-inch square griddle and double-burner griddles, as well as stockpots and steamers.
Shop for basics like stockpots and tongs, and drool over commercial appliances.
London bus tickets and stockpots from the galley kitchens are also on view.
Meanwhile, an entire range of Circulon 2 saucepans, skillets, and stockpots, made of hard-anodized aluminum, use the same nonstick technology, have arched nonslip handles that stay cool during cooking, and are oven-safe up to 350[degrees]F A two-quart covered saucepan, for example, runs about $39.
The company plans to produce 1,584,000 pans, 792,000 stockpots and 264,000 frying pans.
Show off great stockpots with a collection of sauces that customers can personalize with their own ingredients.