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Noun1.stocktaker - an employee whose job is to take inventory; "an outside stocktaker had to be hired"
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
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Frank, who worked as a stocktaker for most of his life, and Peggy, who worked in a hospital laundry, will toast their anniversary by going for a meal next Wednesday in West Derby village.
ARNEL RAYMUNDO Stocktaker Arnel Raymundo was jailed for 16 years after repeatedly stabbing his partner with a kitchen knife during an attack at her Cardiff home.
A STOCKTAKER has been jailed for 16 years after a "ferocious attack" where he repeatedly stabbed his partner with a six-inch kitchen knife.
Adrian, who works full time as a stocktaker alongside his community work around East Cleveland, said: "I am delighted to receive this award.
Memories of a Glasgow Pub Stocktaker by Neil O'Donnell I am a receptionist in a large Glasgow hotel and a book brought to my attention, Memories of a Glasgow Pub Stocktaker, was a must-read.
90%) Secondary Builder, Electrician, 12 -- Painter, Metalworker Carpenter 2 -- Mechanic, Solder, Auto body 10 -- worker Seamstress -- 2 Stocktaker, Assembler, Packer, Unloader, Gas station attendant, Fisherman 21 9 Computer technician, Typist 6 1 Nursing technician, Nursing assistant 2 2 Office assistant, Administrative assistant, Laboratory assistant 3 5 N (total) = 75 (34.