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or sto·gy  (stō′gē)
n. pl. sto·gies
1. A cheap cigar.
2. A roughly made heavy shoe or boot.

[After Conestoga, a village of southeast Pennsylvania.]


(ˈstəʊɡɪ) ,




n, pl -gies
(Brewing) US any long cylindrical inexpensive cigar
[C19: from stoga, short for Conestoga, a town in Pennsylvania]


or sto•gie

(ˈstoʊ gi)

n., pl. -gies.
1. a long, slender, roughly made, inexpensive cigar.
2. a coarse, heavy boot or shoe.
[1840–50, Amer.; stog(a) (short for Conestoga, town in Pennsylvania) + -y2]
stogie, stogy - A stogie (or stogy) is named for the Conestoga wagon—as drivers of the wagons rolled tobacco into thin ropes for smoking on long trips; stogies are now long, thin cigars.
See also related terms for smoking.
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Noun1.stogy - a cheap cigar
cigar - a roll of tobacco for smoking


, stogie
n (US inf: = cigar) → Zigarillo nt
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What's more, Knudsen wrote, Apple's stogy, closed-off policy is in direct opposition to the free-spirited ethos of the company's late founder.
While baseball has been pained as a stogy old-man's game, the fact is that, yes, MLB has a young audience.
Thus, Jaguar suffers from many problems in its most critical market--a bland, stogy product, poor perceptions by many potential customers, and a lack of brand awareness among younger consumers.