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Bearing or forming stolons.
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Adj.1.stoloniferous - producing stolons
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Drought grass (Ischaemummuticum), a stoloniferous and perennial grassy weed that found in coconut plantation have been reported as an aggressive colonizer of open and disturbed habitats which can develop into huge thickets in drainage channels and ditches (Ipor and Baki, 1992).
4] tropical grasses, like Bothriochloa ewartiana and Dichanthium fecundum, but the exotic stoloniferous introduced grass Bothriochloa pertusa has spread widely on the trial area in the past 7-8 years.
Patterns of ion excretion and survival in two stoloniferous arid zone grasses.
Pontederia sagittata is a perennial aquatic plant, with erect, floating or creeping, stoloniferous or rizhomatous stems, that occurs commonly along the coastal plains of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras (Lowden 1973).
Hussey and Stacey (1981) reported that potato shoots become stoloniferous in tightly-closed culture vessels.
Aeluropus lagopoides (poaceae) is a stoloniferous perennial grass with C4 photosynthesis that is distributed in the regions with intermediate salinity and semi-desert climate on Iranian plateau [5-7].
It's creeping, stoloniferous habit, identical to that of a strawberry, allows it to spread rapidly, producing small yellow flowers in summer which then set seed to add to your misery