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1. One that cuts or carves stone.
2. A machine that is used to dress stone.

stone′cut′ting n.


1. (Building) a person who is skilled in cutting and carving stone
2. (Building) a machine used to dress stone
ˈstoneˌcutting n


(ˈstoʊnˌkʌt ər)

a person or machine that cuts, carves, or dresses stone.
stone′cut`ting, n.
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Noun1.stonecutter - someone who cuts or carves stonestonecutter - someone who cuts or carves stone  
quarrier, quarryman - a man who works in a quarry


[ˈstəʊnˌkʌtəʳ] n (person) → scalpellino; (machine) → mola
References in classic literature ?
There are native tanners, shoemakers, weavers, blacksmiths, stonecutters, and other artificers attached to each establishment.
Balcom, a promising young architect, designs it on the back of his Vitruvius, with hard pencil and ruler, and the job is let out to Dobson & Sons, stonecutters.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --The fiercest battles ever waged in and out of the ring involving wrestling's most ruthless combatants (men and women) are coming to home and mobile viewing from Stonecutter Media Ltd.
As I speak I'm riding out Stonecutter, who's a nice horse for the Cesarewitch and it's my fourth lot, so I'm pretty busy.
The 18 mile-long east to west superhighway will connect Lancaster Gate with Tower Hill, whereas the south to west superhighway will be a three mile, two-way cycle track running from Elephant and Castle to Stonecutter Street, near Holborn Viaduct.
Chinese People's Liberation Army personnel demon-|strate during the open day of Stonecutter Island Navy Base in Hong Kong, to mark the 18th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover from the UK to China | Audrey Hepburn's son Luca Dotti during a preview for |the Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon exhibition, a major photography exhibition to celebrate the life and career of his mother at the National Portrait Gallery, London | Rescuers search for victims at the site where an Indonesian air force transport plane crashed in Medan, North |Sumatra, Indonesia, yesterday.
In Desire, particularly, Bidart works a wide spectrum of poetic strategies, all personalized: heroically spirited if unrhymed couplets; a prose poem that has more the feel of an impassioned essay; a Petrarchan-like sonnet with a homemade metrics and an intentionally disheveled, unprofessional, unscheming rhyme scheme; and, most often, a compulsive verse that even so never seems as free as all that, never seems projectivist, but instead the indelible work of a stonecutter.
In an effort to streamline its operations after filing for Chapter 11 last December, specialty yarn and fabric producer Doran Textiles has agreed to sell its organic cotton business to Stonecutter Mills Corp.
Binswanger has been named exclusive agent by Stonecutter Mills Corporation for the sale or lease of a one-story, 103,454 sq.
5 Generator pounds 350; Belle Minimix Cement Mixer pounds 160; Makita 6834 Screw Gun pounds 135; Paslode 85090 Nailer pounds 220; Dewalt Framing Nailer pounds 150; Makita Framing Nailers to pounds 140; Dewalt Router Tables to pounds 110; Stonecutter Blades to pounds 105.
They journey through the forest, trying to find their way back north to the village Albion is from, where he was an apprentice stonecutter.
The characters--a stonecutter who wants to be a monk, a dwarf who wants to be a full-sized man, a prostitute, and a wealthy patroness, Radegonde Putmonnoie--all friends of Bonne--represent this diversity as well.