stoop labor

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stoop′ la`bor

the physical labor associated with the cultivation or picking of crops in farm fields.
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In the United States, for example, the US National Assessment of Adult Literacy found last year that fewer than 2 percent of American adults (15 and older) were illiterate, but an additional 12 percent were functionally illiterate and effectively pushed out of the work force for anything but stoop labor and ditch-digging jobs.
Some started with the obligatory "secure the borders" talk, but they quickly pointed out the need for workers who do the hard, seasonal and fairly low--paid stoop labor that migrant workers have long provided to American farms.
More stoop labor required to check your plants for signs of disease and insect feeding, and to drag the hoses around.
The Martin Railcar Opener improves unloading efficiency and speed, without gang tactics, stoop labor or excessive noise.