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a valve that can be closed or opened at will, as by hand, for preventing or regulating flow, as of a liquid in a pipe; - in distinction from a valve which is operated by the action of the fluid it restrains.

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Generally speaking the water pipes that lead to your property and outside stop valves are the responsibility of the water company.
AFL engineers, designs and distributes its patented VTC separators, oil stop valves, safety sumps and rotary pipe oil skimmers into all utility, transportation and food processing industries as well as military bases around the world.
You can install anti-backflow valves on drain outlet pipes from your washing machine and dishwasher, one-way gate valves or stop valves on drainage systems, and an anti-siphon toilet or inflatable bladders with integral pumps in toilets to divert back-up water.
Check with the builder where the stop valves are and where the meters are located.
Stop valves tend to corrode slightly with time, so check that it's working by exercising the valve twice from fully open to fully closed and back again (and always close the valve 'half a turn' from fully open once you're done).
The stop valves with flanges at the end of nipples are used for the extraction of oil and natural gas by the fountain method.
It can open external meter cupboards allowing you to check bills plus it also works on radiator valves, stop valves and air-con units.
If the hoses from the washing machine don't reach the pipes that will supply it, you have little choice but to drain and cut the pipes, install T-fittings and run branch pipes to the washing machine that terminate in mini stop valves.
With the Hagglunds certified safety stop valves, the drive will stop the machine shafts within milliseconds.
The stop valve package consists of bellows sealed stop valves on the steam inlet and condensate outlet connections enable isolation of the primary circuit.
The easy-to-use SureStop design, developed with the help of development Unit, will mean no more hard-to-find, hard-to-turn traditional stop valves which have plagued plumbers and homeowners for so long.