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1. A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop.
2. A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel's store of acorns.
3. stores Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms.
4. A place where commodities are kept; a warehouse or storehouse.
5. A great quantity or number; an abundance.
tr.v. stored, stor·ing, stores
1. To reserve or put away for future use.
2. To fill, supply, or stock.
3. To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouse for safekeeping.
4. Computers To copy (data) into memory or onto a storage device, such as a hard disk.
in store
1. Forthcoming: great trouble in store for her.
2. In reserve; stored.

[Middle English stor, supply, from Old French estor, from estorer, to build, from Latin īnstaurāre, to restore; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

stor′a·ble adj.
stor′er n.


adj goods etclagerfähig, Lager-
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three-way tipper (stone tipper) up to 26 t gross vehicle weight, designed for a storable recycling crane at the rear (inner length at least 4,800 mm, inner width at least 2,400 mm, outer width max 2 550 mm).
as a way to convert electricity from solar photovoltaics (PVs) into storable hydrogen fuel.
Roberts never let an opportunity pass him by when it came to developing his portable and storable sports equipment and getting it into markets.
If you can create an efficient enough molecule for this reaction, it will produce energy that is free and storable in the form of fuels," said Li, associate professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Chemistry.
No foot pedal is needed, and the device comes with a storable charger and 100 disposable sleeves.
Also, It has an additional side and lid pouch, a spare battery pocket, a buckled handle and a storable carrying strap.
Engineered as a drop-in replacement for existing printers, the RLe portable thermal label printer includes large storable memory, eight-hour battery life, multiple language support and an optional multi-bay charger that accommodates several batteries simultaneously.
The company has improved its RLe Series design, including larger storable memory, longer 8-hour battery life, multiple language support and an optional multi-bay charger that accommodates a number of batteries simultaneously.
Sasson, addressing the award's "fourth diwan (gathering)," last night, indicated that he started the work in 1975, dismantling and assembling used electronic devices and chips, seeking to transform the picture into a storable digital shape.
It features compact fabrication, making it conveniently storable when not being used.
The software integrates highly efficient, multi-core analysis algorithms that automatically analyse sequenced DNA fragments and clinical findings, as well as interprets them to deliver a self-contained storable or printable report.
The Bantam engine family extends up to 200,000 pounds of thrust and can be adapted to use various fuels, including: kerosene, ethanol, methane and storable propellants.