storage medium

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medium - a medium for storing information
medium - a means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
magnetic medium, magnetic storage, magnetic storage medium - any storage medium in which different patterns of magnetization are used to represent stored bits or bytes of information; "the hard disk in you computer is magnetic storage"
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The present invention provides systems and methods for logically organizing data for storage and recovery on a data storage medium using a multilevel format.
Today, backup has evolved into migrating data to some form of storage medium for quick recovery.
Archived data can be stored on the most convenient and cost-effective storage medium and be easily accessed from an enterprise application.
Six major consumer electronic firms have signed up to use Sony Corp's Memory Stick, the tiny Flash-based storage medium that Sony wants to become a standard for portable digital devices.
Application of these criteria leads to the conclusion that digital linear tape is the preferred storage medium to support the long-term storage of digital records.
81-46 did address the acceptability of microfilm as an acceptable storage medium.
These requirements generally call for a compliant electronic storage medium to support integrity protection, accessibility, duplication, migration and auditing.
A sophisticated design ensures accurate leveling of the tip array with respect to the storage medium and dampens vibrations and external impulses.
com/whitepaper, is the result of an evaluation of LTO Ultrium WORM technology with respect to whether records being backed up or archived are preserved in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format; whether the electronic storage medium automatically verifies the quality and accuracy of the media recording process; and whether the electronic storage medium serializes the original.
Archived data, business context data and metadata are saved to an Archive File (referentially intact and complete) and these files can be easily stored on the most convenient and cost-effective storage medium.
This data movement is transparent to the user, who can quickly retrieve files whether they reside on a backup storage medium or an online network.
The future of NAND is setting the stage for an irreversible shift in the design of digital end products as NAND becomes the key storage medium for data in virtually any portable form," Dr.

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