One who owns or operates a store or shop.
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For interviews and more information please contact MBE storeowner and Platinum Shield President Howard Spanier, in California 805-279-4319, or all hours, including weekends Mara Woloshin, in Portland, OR 503-241-3834; cell: 503-310-4504.
Storeowner Linda Bradely decided not to comply and drew a stun gun in response.
As a bonus for the gun storeowner, most of the participants are actively pursuing the shooting sports, not just testing the waters, and are therefore more likely to make a purchase.
A storeowner from Orrum, North Carolina, suffered "numerous fractures to the left side of his face and skull," and "will have to have reconstructive surgery on [his] eye socket," reported the Robesonian, but he's alive because he decided to fight back with a pistol.
It's politically incorrect," The Telegraph quoted Gale Epstein, a lingerie storeowner as saying.
Trust: Everything a storeowner or manager says and does contributes to a credibility that creates a bond with workers.
The only person the customer can blame is us, the storeowner.
A York City, Pennsylvania, storeowner was shot by thugs who attempted, but failed, to rob his store.
The lives of a Brentwood housewife, her DA husband, a Persian storeowner, two police detectives -- who are also lovers, a black television director and his wife, a Mexican locksmith, two car-jackers, a rookie cop, and a middle-aged Korean couple intersect during a 36-hour period in Los Angeles.
The best option for us is to avoid dealing in sugar to avoid complications," said one retail storeowner Rahat Ali, adding that influential people were making huge money in the illegal business while the people continue to suffer.
Disguised with drawn-on mustaches, Leon and Moreta burst into the pawn shop, and Moreta began shooting; however, Frank Nusire, the storeowner, pulled a gun of his own and shot back.
In addition to the thorough storeowner selection process, CBAC's store staff is comprised of automotive service excellence (ASE) certified technicians, and CBAC requires that the storeowner be on-site at every location.