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1. A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop.
2. A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel's store of acorns.
3. stores Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms.
4. A place where commodities are kept; a warehouse or storehouse.
5. A great quantity or number; an abundance.
tr.v. stored, stor·ing, stores
1. To reserve or put away for future use.
2. To fill, supply, or stock.
3. To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouse for safekeeping.
4. Computers To copy (data) into memory or onto a storage device, such as a hard disk.
in store
1. Forthcoming: great trouble in store for her.
2. In reserve; stored.

[Middle English stor, supply, from Old French estor, from estorer, to build, from Latin īnstaurāre, to restore; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

stor′a·ble adj.
stor′er n.


1. a person or thing that stores something
2. (Environmental Science) a plant or an animal that is reserved from cutting or culling in order to produce new plants or stock
References in classic literature ?
I never shall forget how b-e-a-utifully she looked as she sat in state on the front parlor sophy, right under a great portrait of her first husband; and on either side of her sat Madam Storer and Madam Williams, elegant to behold, in their stiff silks, rich lace, and stately turbans.
STEVE Cotterill has challenged Jack Storer to forge a career away from Blues with the club having decided not to offer the youngster a new contract.
But Osborne's capture - and the arrival of midfielder Kyle Storer from Cheltenham Town - will be two huge boosts for Moors as they look to preserve their National League status.
This author first met the brains behind Oz Goose, Australian Michael Storer, sometime in 2015, and was actually able to have a hand in building one of the said vessels during an activity within TLCC.
According to Pooling Partners UK and Ireland director Phil Storer, using pallets in Guy Fawkes Night bonfires costs the UK economy millions of pounds it cannot afford.
Tomorrow UK-based jazz singer Charlotte Storer will show how jazz is done the female way.
BIRMINGHAM captain Michael Morrison is excited by Jack Storer's potential and reckons he can be Storer the scorer this year.
THE Sunday Mercury has been flooded with offers of help for Richard Storer, following last week's exclusive revealing that the homeless ex-squaddie is living in his car.
John Storer, who died from heart failure, was born in Leicstershire and grew up in Derby but his heart always lay in Llandudno.
KYLE Storer said it was an easy decision to join Wrexham - and immediately set his sights on helping them make a late surge for an unlikely play-off place.
Judges at the 2013 awards felt the title was just reward for a company which was formed by the late Trevor Storer and is now led by his wife, Diane, as chairman, son and daughter Paul Storer and Emma Wood, and by the senior management team headed by managing director David Burkill.
The 6-foot, 165-pound Storer had 12 goals and 13 assists for the Pioneers, who finished with an 11-6-7 record and advanced to the Division 1 state tournament.