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4 Transform a scented candle into a large style statement by placing it in a glass storm lamp to increase table presence and light.
Twinkling lights on a tree, at the doorway or in the hall are very inviting - the soft glow from candles in a lantern or storm lamp will also give a welcoming effect.
SUZANNE LODGE swam into the history books - guided there by a 90-year-old rowing boat, an 82p maritime map and a storm lamp.
Once you have cracked your head on the ladder, been alarmed by birds nesting in the rafters and wondered where the storm lamp is, you're ready.
STEP ONE: Place the storm lamp in the low dish and half fill dish with water
Create an arrangement around a storm lamp with a chunky church candle inside.
Our contemporary twist is to make a feature of the candle by putting it in a storm lamp and using a glass dish for the base.
Bleached wood flooring provided a neutral palette for furniture in relaxing natural colours and fibres and then she added storm lamps with candles romantic, themed and contemporary.
Relax on white sofas, lit by storm lamps amid olive trees at Bussola at The Westin and order wood-fired pizzas.