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1. A pipe, usually of thin sheet metal, used to conduct smoke or fumes from a stove into a chimney flue.
2. A very tall hat with a flat crown and narrow brim, traditionally made of silk.
3. Informal A pathway for transmitting information higher in a hierarchy while bypassing intervening levels that remain uninformed about this information.
tr.v. stove·piped, stove·pip·ing, stove·pipes Informal
To transmit (information) up in a hierarchy by means of a stovepipe.
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Noun1.stovepiping - retrieval of information from unconnected databases; the situation that exists when it is necessary to climb out of one database in order to climb down into another; sometimes used for protection against wandering hackers
retrieval - (computer science) the operation of accessing information from the computer's memory
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That has proven extremely difficult, due in large part to organizational stovepiping.
Stovepiping is widespread, making it difficult to know what other people are doing.
Experience at the Federal, State, and local departments of transportation shows that stovepiping in an organization can lead to inefficiencies and consequently unnecessary delays in project delivery.