Conventional in style or mode; typical or familiar: straight-ahead jazz.
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Take the deep, enveloping bluesy undertow of "Making It," or the funky, straight-ahead jazz of "Cat Fink.
This second bandleading recording finds Villafranca exhibiting his straight-ahead, bebop, postbop and free jazz medalities through a repertoire of original compositions.
In order to be an effective lacrosse player, you must be able to transition from straight-ahead speed and small-area quickness quickly.
Would that the two could provide the same balance for their latest effort, Fur, which eschews a straight-ahead biography of Diane Arbus in favor of a fantasy in which the noted photographer (played by Nicole Kidman) meets a fur-covered neighbor (Robert Downey Jr.
Because we disconnect the drop link in straight-ahead driving," says Nissing, "you can use a much stiffer anti-roll bar without affecting the ride quality.
At the same time, it expands into the realms of straight-ahead rock, boogie-woogie and Professor Longhair-style ``Day Care Blues.
Buzz introduced us to so much: Bob Fosse, straight-ahead jazz, George and Ira Gershwin, and maybe most important of all, an afternoon class of loose-hipped fun to punctuate an otherwise technically demanding day.
It's balls-out, straight-ahead punk rock that would be right at home in 1982 as the music was cleaving itself into punk and hardcore camps.
Our extensive pre-interviews help us find the most interesting and compelling ways to present our guests--sometimes a straight-ahead interview, perhaps a humorous skit.
But each of Chicago's pastel beams imposes a self-consciously feminine overtone onto the straight-ahead form.
She goes after him in her usual straight-ahead, take-no-prisoners style, undeterred by his lack of interest.
For instance, Jon Bon Jovi does Please Come Home For Christmas as a straight-ahead waltz with a beat.