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Adj.1.straight-legged - having straight legs
legged - having legs of a specified kind or number; "four-legged animals"; "a peg-legged man"
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Described as 'skinheads' in our archives, the cropped hair, heavy-duty work boots and straight-legged trousers being part of the trademark style, along with button-down shirts and braces, echoing the working class, practical clothing that suited their employment and lifestyles.
Over the past couple of years, skinny jeans were in the spotlight and now the latest look to take centre stage, which is more cringe-worthy than style savvy in my opinion, is the straight-legged, five-pocket, medium-blue designer 'muddy' version.
The guy I fell in love with was a hard-working Alaskan man that didn't want to wear straight-legged jeans and boots and be chased by Radar," she added.
Grateful just to be able to find a pair that fit me right, I haven't been particularly adventurous in my own jeans purchases preferring - since my '87-88 Tiffany high-waisted period, at least - to stick with skinny or straight-legged indigo denim.
They are impossibly tall, impossibly thin--just the right shape for Krajecki's astounding new line of denim--long, straight-legged jeans with braided waist-bands, dyed deep blue and tailored with precision.
That incensed Bury boss Chris Casper, who said: "The lad did lunge in but it wasn't a straight-legged, over-the-top tackle.
While Donald Judd divided his pristine furniture from his pristine art (the straight-legged, squared-off desks, tables and chairs on view would never have been displayed in a gallery), Scott Burton saw his 'furniture-as-sculpture', albeit in luxurious stone or veneered wood, as pragmatic solutions.
One way to tell if this is happening to you is to do a straight-legged sit-up with your feet held down.
RIGHT Navy pinstriped jacket, pounds 75, and straight-legged trousers, pounds 45, both Oasis; knitted camisole, pounds 75, Press & Bastyan; slingbacks, pounds 65, Faith.
A typical greeting begins with one male walking upright rapidly toward another with a straight-legged, rolling stride.