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A rigid flat rectangular bar, as of wood or metal, with a straight edge for testing or drawing straight lines.
adj. also straight-edge (strāt′ĕj′)
1. Having a level, even edge: a straightedge ruler; a straightedge razor blade.
2. Abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

straight′edged′ adj.


(Tools) a stiff strip of wood or metal that has one edge straight and true and is used for ruling and testing straight lines
ˈstraightˌedged adj


advocating abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex and sometimes advocating vegetarianism.



a bar or strip of wood, plastic, or metal having at least one long edge for use in drawing or testing straight lines, plane surfaces, etc.
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Noun1.straightedge - hand tool consisting of a flat rigid rectangular bar (metal or wood) that can be used to draw straight lines (or test their straightness)straightedge - hand tool consisting of a flat rigid rectangular bar (metal or wood) that can be used to draw straight lines (or test their straightness)
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands


[ˈstreɪtedʒ] Nregla f de borde recto


[ˈstreɪtˌɛdʒ] n (Carpentry) → regolo
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material dudactico (fractional set, set straightedge numerical, and technical drawing set set of geoboards, bases as attached
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Answers will vary as the children will use a ruler as a straightedge to estimate numbers from the graph.
The problem of Apollonius requires straightedge and compass construction which has made it so interesting and many mathematicians have tried to solve it.
1 Maroon at ACB Hall, Tokyo Maroon invited me to see this show, and I was intrigued since I had heard they were a vegan straightedge metalcore band from Germany.
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Hands-On Geometry: Constructions with a Straightedge and Compass
They weren't the sort of women who usually got much attention at parties--Jill was drawn with a straightedge and vagued in with watercolors and wore glasses that looked twenty years out of date even though she'd just gotten them last month--but Clay's friends didn't seem too worried about the usual.
Loose-lay insulation comes in bags and can be tipped between the joists and levelled using a straightedge.
In high school, many of us studied this linear equation, estimating a and b by means of a clear-plastic straightedge, placing it so that about half of the data points were above the edge and half below, and "eyeballing" the slope and y-intercept.
Use a straightedge and spirit level to ensure that the whole area is level.
In one approach, a rigid straightedge was placed across the plate, and straight or angled feeler gauges were inserted under the straightedge to measure the plate deflection at the bore edge and the location of the meter tube wall.