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So they set to work in one of the big yellow rooms of the castle and worked for three days and four nights, hammering and twisting and bending and soldering and polishing and pounding at the legs and body and head of the Tin Woodman, until at last he was straightened out into his old form, and his joints worked as well as ever.
Do you know, my friend, I remembered that earlier in the morning, when we had been there together, I had straightened all the objects on the mantel-piece.
I thought I'd jis look over sis's things, and get 'em straightened up.
Ojo gave a jump, for he saw several broad leaves leaning toward him; but the Shaggy Man began to whistle again, and at the sound the leaves all straightened up on their stems and kept still.
He noted that Bob whirled to the right, and resolved to keep him straightened out by a spur on the left.
When he straightened himself up to greet us, drops of perspiration were rolling from his thick nose down onto his curly beard.
A moment later she felt a touch along her body which made her shudder so that she straightened herself up in a sitting posture, wide awake and furious.
He rose and kissed Vera's hand, and on the way to her straightened out a turned-up corner of the carpet.
He rushed to the man, lifted him to his feet, straightened his arms and legs, and felt of his head to see if by chance it had become cracked.
RAPIDLY STRAIGHTENED TEETH WITH SIX-MONTH SMILES* A lot of people consider braces to straighten teeth problems, but don't want to wait years to see results.
The slide occurred at one of the stretches that had been straightened, and that roadwork may have helped trigger the slide, the state has said.
straightened Karen Coates of the British Dental Health Foundation However, it's a myth that if you didn't get a mouthful of metal braces aged 13, you've missed your chance altogether - whatever your age, it's not too late to get wonky teeth straightened out by an orthodontist.