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n. & v.
Variant of straitjacket.


(Clothing & Fashion) a less common spelling of straitjacket


or straight•jack•et

(ˈstreɪtˌdʒæk ɪt)

1. a garment made of strong material and designed to bind the arms, as of a violent person.
2. anything that severely confines or constricts.
3. to put in or as if in a straitjacket.
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Noun1.straightjacket - a garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent personstraightjacket - a garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent person
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"


n. camisa de fuerza.
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Surely if the UK voted to leave the straightjacket of the EU with the freedom to rule ourselves we would not be so spineless as to not impose similar tariffs on European car manufacturers.
Heart-shame is like a straightjacket around the heart that makes us suppress our tenderness and vulnerability in favor of a tough facade.
Skilfully slipping out of the horizontal genre straightjacket which hampers many contemporary DJs, Mike and Kelvin throw an anything goes policy where Ned Doheny does the hypnotic tango with Chris & Cosey, and Underground Resistance take on Sniff 'N The Tears in an engaging round of deck quoits.
Hill, who was due to graduate from Huddersfield University this summer, admitted in his last blog entry to suffering 'crippling anxiety attacks' which acted as an 'emotional straightjacket of despair.
I would have fancied what Patrick Vieira would have brought to the table but he was never going to accept the blueprint straightjacket.
The characters use the chairs as props which they move around, fling around, squeeze through, wear, are crushed by and which are intricately employed both symbolically as well as as actual items, from a crib and high-chair to a straightjacket.
Angel also set world records for the longest time submerged under water, longest body suspension and quickest escape from a straightjacket upside-down.
I find this straightjacket more suffocating than reassuring to me and often fantasise about just popping this boring bubble and stepping out into a real world where spontaneous thinking, out-of-the box plans will leave you breathless with joy.
Knowing that a big name was never going to be tempted by the job due to financial restraints and the straightjacket of Scottish football, you could feel a change in attitude.
If you'd have said back in August that Liverpool would have a chance of winning the Premier League going into the final game of the season, you'd have been carried away in a straightjacket.
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi has issued a decree outlining how the Islamic Republic is to pursue what he calls a "resistance economy" to fight off the straightjacket of Western sanctions.
Goodwin tells us about how practice makes perfect and how despite being scared of heights, he managed to escaped from a straightjacket while being suspended upside down from the London Eye.