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1. The jimsonweed.
2. The dried poisonous leaves of this plant, formerly used for medicinal purposes.

[New Latin, probably ultimately from Old Catalan estremoni, datura, perhaps (in reference to its hallucinogenic properties) from Old Catalan estremonia, astrology, magic (from alteration of Latin astronomia, astronomy; see astronomy), or perhaps from alteration of Latin strūmus, nightshade (from strūma, scrofulous tumor (for which nightshade was used as a cure)), or perhaps from a source akin to Czech and Russian durman, datura (probably of Tatar origin; akin to Turkish derman, medicine, from Persian darmān, from Middle Persian, from Old Iranian *darmān-, that which contains firmness or sustenance; akin to Sanskrit dharmaḥ, statute, law; see dharma).]


(strəˈməʊnɪəm) or


1. (Pharmacology) a preparation of the dried leaves and flowers of the thorn apple, containing hyoscyamine and formerly used as a drug to treat asthma
2. (Plants) another name for thorn apple1
[C17: from New Latin, of uncertain origin]


(strəˈmoʊ ni əm)

2. the dried leaves of the jimsonweed, formerly used in medicine as an antispasmodic.
[1655–65; < New Latin; of uncertain orig.]
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The asthmatic had bitten off either end of the stramonium cigarette, and was soon choking himself with the crude fumes, which he inhaled in desperate gulps, to exhale in furious fits of coughing.
These were garlic, Andrographis paniculata (King of bitters); Chilli pepper seeds; lemongrass; Datura stramonium (Thornapple); Bitter kola seeds; tobacco plant; Ocimum gratissimum (Scent leaf); Sansevieria trifasciata (Mother-in-Law tongue); Turnera ulmifolia (Yellow alder); and Vetiveria zizanioides (Poaceae Vetiver).
Results: The result of lectin microarrays revealed that the relative abundance of the ([sz]-1,4)-linked N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) recognized by lectin Datura stramonium agglutinin (DSA) was significantly higher in urinary protein in DN patients than that in NDRD patients (fold change >1.
Datura Stramonium or Tatoore is a weed from the Solanaceae family and may be present at roadsides, in cornfields, and in pastures.
Allelopathic effect of seed and leaf aqueous extracts of Datura stramonium on leaf chlorophyll content, shoot and root elongation of Cenchrus ciliaris and Neonotonia wightii.
Methods: In order to isolate the sertoli cells of azoospermia patients who underwent (testicular sperm extraction) TESE surgery, washing up and multi_stage enzyme digestion of single cells, culture on petri dishes impregnated with datura stramonium lectin agglutinin (DSA) were done and then the cells were passaged for several times and isolated.
Our study is based on this hypothesis; during 2012, an experimental protocol has been set up, on the whole one variety of tomato "TIZIRI" is implanted in association with Datura stramonium L as intercropping, The objective of this trial is to study the evolution of cultivars but also in a biological way without using chemicals products, and the identification of diseases due to insect attacks on the crop.
Introduction: Datura stramonium is a wild plant, which grows in almost every region of Turkey and is found in the native flora.
Here, apart from researched species, the following were recognized: Erigeron annuss, Datura stramonium, Lycopersicon esculentum and moss.
Amalia Geldenhuys from Vredenal has won second prize in the energy category with her project Biodiesel from grape seeds, Xanthium Strumarium, Datura Stramonium and Ricinus Communi.