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1. One who grips a hanging strap or similar device for support while riding as a passenger on a bus or subway.
2. One who uses public transportation.

strap′hang′ v.


informal a passenger in a bus, train, etc, who has to travel standing, esp by holding onto a strap
ˈstrapˌhanging n


(ˈstræpˌhæŋ ər)

1. a standing passenger in a bus or subway train who holds onto a strap or other support suspended from above.
2. a commuter using public transportation.
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Noun1.straphanger - a commuter who uses public transportation
commuter - someone who travels regularly from home in a suburb to work in a city
2.straphanger - a standing subway or bus passenger who grips a hanging strap for support
passenger, rider - a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it


[ˈstræpˌhæŋəʳ] nchi viaggia in piedi (su mezzi pubblici reggendosi a un sostegno)
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While You Were Sleeping" Sandra Bullock plays a subway station worker who is in love with straphanger Peter (Peter Gallagher).
He had brought his newspaper along, and hunched in his raincoat, he worked at his crossword puzzle doggedly, trying to pay no attention to the straphanger in front of him whose elbows jabbed continually into the paper.
The 32-year-old was headed back to Jersey City, where he was staying, when a straphanger took an extra step and fell off the platform.
A fellow passenger, taken by this scene, was further struck when Theil politely declined his offer to rouse the dozing straphanger.
On our next visit, three years later (Lynnika was living in Yamagata with Alex by then), on our way by bus to the temple district of Kyoto, a straphanger told me that when he died he would be the Buddha.
Each is customized to its audience, whether cliff dweller or suburbanite, straphanger or long-distance commuter, office worker or stay-at-home morn.
Although the Daily News caters to the blue-collar straphanger living inside the city, surely many on the Main Line were secretly slipping 60 cents into an honor box to get the inside scoop.
Faced with a challenge that might bring the toughest straphanger to her knees, Ms.
3 train with brave straphanger Joseph Lozito, who with a martial arts leg sweep knocked him down.
com/woman-freaks-out-after-straphanger-urinates-her-face-manhattan-bound-train-2565833) Woman Freaks Out After Straphanger Urinates On Her Face In Manhattan-Bound Train
All subway riders beware as closing your eyes during a ride may not be such a pleasant experience as a straphanger might just urinate on you.