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Adj.1.straplike - long and narrow like a strap; "straplike leaves"
narrow - not wide; "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"
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It hopped onto the pandanus plant, grabbed the spiked edge of one of the long straplike leaves and began a series of ripping motions.
The clivia is a handsome houseplant whose leaves are evergreen and straplike.
13c); endosoma with straplike basal sclerite, tapered distally, smooth (without serrations) (Fig.
The aerial parts consist of woody, straplike leaves.
Egregia menziesii (the feather-boa kelp) is a robust intertidal seaweed that has a simple growth form characterized by a straplike morphology.
It differs by the dark brown leaf-sheaths, the more straplike leaves, the long spike-less part the inflorescence, or if you wish, the long stem of the end spike"
Unlike the handles on contemporary Chinese miniature bottles or the similar but finer celadons produced at the Kalong kilns in Thailand, those on Si Satchanalai celadons could more often be described as straplike coils than as true rings, and they tend to be slightly irregular, even on the finest of wares.
Its small, narrow, straplike, blue-green leaves die away in early spring.
Bulbs, fruit trees and hellebores are all flowering away, showing their spring colours, but wulfenii is another kettle of fish altogether - most unspring-like with its 3ft tall spikes of limegreen/yellow flowers, set off by grey/green straplike leaves.
The handles still curve high above the rim, but are now straplike with slightly flanged edges and are set somewhat closer (about 90[degrees] apart).
Acorus gramineus is equally happy in part shade and can brighten a dull corner with its gold straplike leaves edged with green.
Its clusters of straplike leaves resemble overgrown spider plants; spreading one leaf cluster apart, he reveals clots of mud at the base--ideal habitat for the thick-bodied naiads of M.