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v. strat·e·gized, strat·e·giz·ing, strat·e·giz·es
To determine strategies; plan: strategizing about how to expand the company.
To plan a strategy for: strategized an advertising campaign.


(ˈstrætɪˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make strategies
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To form a strategy for:
Informal: dope out.
Idiom: lay plans.
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I take one day out per quarter with other like-minded people to sit, plan and strategize about where we are going.
It discusses the need and ability to develop a vision, narrate stories, craft to a communication plan and strategize the process of understanding, building and managing corporate reputation for corporate excellence.
BlueOcean Strategy has great relevance for corporations doing business in Africa," said Founder and Managing Director Strategize Blue Zunaira Munir.
Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, is that lawmakers will ultimately strategize bipartisan ways that Californians can bring home more federal money for everything from transportation to anti-terrorism projects.
Then we'll strategize on how to execute our vision and build this company into a $100 million firm.
Bush said he and Chirac shared the same objective of diplomatically solving the nuclear issues, and stressed that they ''are gong to strategize together'' toward that goal.
This event provides an opportunity for Episcopal women and men to listen to and learn from the experiences of our Anglican sisters and to strategize together for women's empowerment throughout the Communion," said Margaret Rose, director of the Episcopal Church's office of Women's Ministries, in a press statement.
Despite the inevitable court battle here, organizers of copycat efforts elsewhere say it has emboldened their already formed groups to collect signatures, strategize, raise money, expand membership base and garner support from state lawmakers.
They may scheme, strategize for what they intend, and be pleased at the intended or unintended outcomes.
These stores could strategize and collaborate to purchase goods at "Wal-Mart" prices and then would be able to sell with a lower overhead and lower profit margin.
The business case, return on investment and best practices are fully explored to help management strategize work/life issues on an organization-wide basis.
British Columbia Film's financial resources are limited, so it can't really do more than strategize carefully about allocation choices, and place an emphasis on developing filmmakers good enough to compete.

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