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v. strat·e·gized, strat·e·giz·ing, strat·e·giz·es
To determine strategies; plan: strategizing about how to expand the company.
To plan a strategy for: strategized an advertising campaign.


(ˈstrætɪˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make strategies
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To form a strategy for:
Informal: dope out.
Idiom: lay plans.
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Strategizing Communication: Theory and Practice (additional instructional material included)
Building, Managing and Strategizing for Corporate Excellence, Asha Kaul and Avani Desai, Sage Publications India Private Limited, New Delhi, 201 4, Pages 299, Price Rs.
The flashbacks are rich in strategizing, debate and dirty tricks by both the abolitionists and their pro-slavery Parliamentary rivals.
In compiling what modern scholasticism tells us about the transfer of knowledge among terrorists groups of various faiths and political leanings, Teaching Terror offers a vital resource of information for strategizing new ways to combat terror and protect society.
They were able to use their intellectual and emotional strategizing and fend for themselves very well.
The Timmins Summit 2004 on April 2 was a day of discussion and strategizing about ways to try and bring 1,000 new jobs to Timmins in the next few years.
Launched with funding from the department and the NIEHS Center for Environmental Genetics at the university, imby's mission is to build community partnerships to assess, address, and improve environmental and public health issues through access to resources, effective strategizing, capacity building, advocacy, research, and analysis and interpretation of data.
Short-term strategizing cannot be allowed to imperil Iraq's long-term physical and political rehabilitation, and Iraqi resources must be exploited only in service to the Iraqi people.
CPAs should be aware of issues related to GHG emissions especially since certain industries that typically have significant GHG emissions, including utilities, chemical and cement companies, semiconductor manufacturers and electricity distributors, may already be strategizing on how to plan for possible future constraints on emissions of carbon dioxide and other GHGs.
Now is a critical time to be strategizing with an array of activist and health care organizations about coordinated efforts to fight for access to affordable medication.
Through the agreement, the two industry leaders will work closely together on R&D, while strategizing for the future of mobile technology.
This is a well-structured, literate book that makes good use of occasional graphics and has a "handbook" at the end that lends itself to group exercises and out-loud strategizing.