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The study of rock strata, especially the distribution, deposition, and age of sedimentary rocks.

strat′i·graph′ic (străt′ĭ-grăf′ĭk), strat′i·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
strat′i·graph′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Geological Science) the study of the composition, relative positions, etc, of rock strata in order to determine their geological history
2. (Archaeology) archaeol a vertical section through the earth showing the relative positions of the human artefacts and therefore the chronology of successive levels of occupation
Abbreviation: stratig
stratigrapher, stratigraphist n
stratigraphic, ˌstratiˈgraphical adj


(strəˈtɪg rə fi)

a branch of geology dealing with the classification, nomenclature, correlation, and interpretation of stratified rocks.
stra•tig′ra•pher, n.
strat•i•graph•ic (ˌstræt ɪˈgræf ɪk) adj.
strat`i•graph′i•cal•ly, adv.


the branch of geology that studies the classification, correlation, and interpretation of stratified rocks. — stratigrapher, n.stratigraphic, stratigraphical, adj.
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1. The study of the composition and relative positions of rock strata.
2. A section cut vertically in the ground and used, by examining the different layers, to determine the chronology of human artifacts or settlement remains that are found buried.
3. The study of stratified (layered) rocks.
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Noun1.stratigraphy - the branch of geology that studies the arrangement and succession of strata
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
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Auxiliary faults occur at stratigraphically higher levels along strike within the hanging wall of the host sediments.
A late 2004 reverse circulation hole (HC04-1) ended at 1,367 feet (417 metres) in the stratigraphically higher Woodruff Formation and intersected altered, locally calcareous siltstones and quartzites with silicification and occasional iron-rich dolomite veining.
Three of the new licences are divided stratigraphically, and only relate to levels below/above a defined stratigraphic border.
The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene.
Detailed Sedimentological studies werecarried out based on data from 3 different stratigraphically important sections in the Salt Range from East to West (Tatral, Bestway Quarry near Katas, Nammal Gorge).
Rock samples were collected from stratigraphically measured section of the Mianwali Formation exposed at the Nammal Gorge, Western Salt Range, Pakistan.
Looking forward, I believe that the Oil and Gas sector should persevere in pursuing the long and short term strategies in exploring geographically (including offshore) and stratigraphically (deeper) for unconventional gas and oil plays, development of tight gas and heightening EOR application to a level of potentially exporting it.
recorded from the stratigraphically much higher Uralba Beds of New South Wales (Hall 1975).
The new discovery represents the first record of a diplodocid for South America and the stratigraphically youngest record of this clade anywhere, the report said.
Similar provenance indications continue stratigraphically upward in this section and elsewhere on Isle Madame through the thick lower and central parts of the Horton Group.
Stratigraphically hosted, anomalous Zn (>1,000ppm) zone in soil sampling over 1 km strike length adjacent to vein.
The Mineral Resource estimate does not use an iron grade cut-off, as the mineralized zones are stratigraphically confined.