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One of a series of lights that are usually attached to tall poles, are spaced at intervals along a public street or roadway, and are illuminated from dusk to dawn. Also called streetlamp.


(ˈstriːtˌlaɪt) or


(Civil Engineering) a light, esp one carried on a lamppost, that illuminates a road, etc



a light, usu. supported by a lamppost, for illuminating a street or road.
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Noun1.streetlight - a lamp supported on a lamppoststreetlight - a lamp supported on a lamppost; for illuminating a street
lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination
lamppost - a metal post supporting an outdoor lamp (such as a streetlight)


street light [ˈstriːtlaɪt] nréverbère mstreet lighting néclairage m publicstreet map nplan m des ruesstreet market nmarché m à ciel ouvertstreet people nplgens mpl des ruesstreet plan nplan m des ruesstreet smart adj (US)débrouillard(e), aguerri(e) aux mœurs de la ruestreet sweeper n
(= person) → balayeur m
(= machine) → balayeuse fstreet theatre nthéâtre m de ruestreet value n [drugs] → valeur f à la reventestreet vendor nmarchand m ambulant
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The ACT Government currently owns and manages one of the nations largest streetlight networks, with 79,000 lights on streets, footpaths, arterial roads and in various public parks and open spaces around Canberra.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 11, 2017-Petra Systems, Palmer Wireless to Deploy Streetlight Integrated Wi-Fi solutions in Minnesota
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 11, 2017-Petra Systems, Palmer Wireless to Deploy Streetlight Integrated Wi-Fi solutions in Minnesota
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 11, 2017-Petra Systems, Palmer Wireless to Deploy Streetlight Integrated Wi-Fi solutions in Minnesota
Varying sensors can be integrated into control nodes and data can be relayed effectively because every streetlight acts like a wireless signal repeater, allowing light posts 1,000 ft apart to reliably communicate.
After sunset the whole area plunges into darkness and gave a deserted look due to un-installation of streetlight which creates a number of problems to the people of the area including security issues.
Without streetlight, the sector plunges into darkness after sunset as a result the whole area gives a pathetic look as well as creates other problems including security issues.
The improvements are also expected to enhance public safety because the city will have the ability to calibrate the brightness settings for each streetlight, the manager said.
According to Nelly Weisbloom, Principal of GAIA Consult: "The interest for energy efficiency applications and specifically PV Streetlight technology has been growing rapidly due to the new adopted EU Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency.
25, 2012 (CENS)--The Taiwan LED Streetlight Alliance recently was renamed as the Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance to meet wider applications of LED lighting.
The county has had a change of heart over a request for a streetlight at 39 Church St.
WHEN any area is developed with new villas and school, the authorities should immediately provide streetlight.