strictly speaking

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Adv.1.strictly speaking - in actual fact; "properly speaking, they are not husband and wife"
على وَجْه التَّدْقيق
striktně řečeno
szigorúan véve
strangt til tekiî
presne povedané
doğrusunu söylemek gerekirse


(strikt) adjective
1. severe, stern, and compelling obedience. This class needs a strict teacher; His parents were very strict with him; The school rules are too strict; strict orders.
2. exact or precise. If the strict truth were known, he was drunk, not ill.
ˈstrictness noun
ˈstrictly adverb
strictly speaking
if we must be completely accurate, act according to rules etc. Strictly speaking, he should be punished for this.
References in classic literature ?
More strictly speaking, I had noticed him when, on a previous occasion, he had come to play cards here, and I had followed him home.
Still, consider that although I may not be, strictly speaking, what is termed an illustrious match for you, I am, for many reasons, not altogether so much beneath your alliance.
It is only bodily phenomena that can be directly observed in animals, or even, strictly speaking, in other human beings.
Strictly speaking, the pronunciation of all words such as Liang, Kiang, etc.
Strictly speaking I should vote Conservative given I belong to the richest one per cent of the population through backing all my tips.
That's a pity because it makes him look ungracious in the face of an apology which, strictly speaking, needn't have been made.
Strictly speaking, it wasn't Gavin's fault - he was 3lb over, but only had four years to prepare.
STRICTLY speaking, this North Tyneside couple are probably more swimming pool than ballroom.
If the unemployed work, strictly speaking, they are not unemployed.
Strictly speaking they did not promise a member ship referendum.
Strictly speaking, Earth doesn't radiate any "heat" Instead, it emits energy in the form of light, predominantly at infrared wavelengths because of its modest temperature.
Summary: Rabat - The management, strictly speaking, of the Sahara issue could be updated through the democratic debate under way in Morocco, Communication Minister, Spokesperson of the Government Khalid Naciri underlined on Thursday.